The Crimson Shade

Twenty-year-old Sasha Freeman never believed in the Psionic Soldier, a supposed superhero from decades past with telekinetic powers and an inhuman ability to heal himself. Her father, Summit, raised her to never question his word, and he says that superpowers are ridiculous. The only way to achieve greatness is through training, and he puts her through enough to make her godly.

When a slight hitch in her plan to steal a priceless artifact puts her police sketch out in the open, Sasha loses everything: her home, her father’s love, and her reputation as the world’s most fearsome assassin. Now, she is the Crimson Shade, a petty thief masked by a red scarf

It is her police sketch that summons the Psionic Soldier, a.k.a. Garrett Daniels, back into the public eye after a twenty-year hiatus, boasting an inhuman healing ability, super-strength and telekinetic powers. His target: Sasha Freeman. But his healing powers are not what startle her most; it is the photo he carries of her on their “wedding day.” Sasha cannot remember taking the picture, nor a time when she was his wife, as he keeps insisting. She is prepared to say anything to get him to join her on her trek to her father’s home. After all, Garrett’s abilities make him exactly the kind of trophy Summit would want to collect and delivering him could be the key to returning her to her father’s favor.

And Garrett’s obsession with her is all that she needs to bait him.

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